Don't Just Sit There! Start NETWORK MARKETING.

Network Marketing.

Network marketing is an innovative strategy used by various companies nowadays to enhance their sales.Network marketing also known as referral marketing is a substitute of Affiliate Marketing but with some differences which we will talk about later.In this blog we will talk about various aspects of network marketing. Network Marketing is a branch of Multi Level Marketing Strategies. 

Don't Just Sit There! Start NETWORK MARKETING


In this format of marketing instead of advertising network companies create their own network by making different levels of distributors which are paid commissions for every sales made and every new distributor added. This strategy works on the model of affiliate marketing but has some differences like in affiliate marketing main motive is to sell products but in network marketing the main motive is to sell business ideas and sale of product is secondary.

 Scope of Network Marketing :-

 Similarly to affiliate marketing, network marketing was analysed to be at peak in coming years but due to this pandemic it is expected to be at peak in recent years latest by 2022 as Analysis Report. investing time today in network marketing will yield higher returns later as competition is low compared to that of others 

Why to choose Network Marketing: Companies point of view:-

In this type of marketing company save their advertisement cost as that is due to the other advertisers and to this day on the and game use consumer base directly and indirectly in short it is it is of a bigger profits than that of a low investment 

Why to choose Network Marketing: Distributors point of view:-

In this method the distributor so introduce get the way of passive income with less investment or se no investment this a little work in their usual to turn on a lot of guys can lot of Fame and as their referral system is full of incentive 

Difference between Affiliate Marketing Network Marketing:-


Network Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


To sell business idea is the main motive and product is secondary

To sell products is the main motive.


It has a wider scope as you become a part of business.

Narrower scope as you are not a part of a business, you Act as and agent


In this method earning is progressive higher the sale higher the percentage of incentive

In this method it is usually fixed independent of quantity of sale


Network :- Network are referred to distributor at different levels on in different incentive rates.

Distributors:-  Distributors are those who are a part of companies network working on behalf of companies but for their own benefit not for companies benefit.

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