This is the list of India's top 8 growing youtubers

India's top 8 growing youtubers

Welcome friends so today we are going to talk about India's fastest growing Youtubers.

Nikunj Lotiya owner of BeYounick which  has 3.84 million subscribers, A boy living in Dombivali chose to work as a youtuber and create funny contents.

Before joining YouTube Nikunj did many different jobs like being a bartender and working in a call center. Nikunj Started his career with a channel named not so funny which didn't work well for nikunj, but one day he left his job and focused only on YouTube and started a news channel named BeYounick which gave him huge success from that time.

Some of the popular videos are-

  • Men Will Be Men  
  • Interview Gone Wrong featuring Rajkumar Rao 

Recently in VidCon 2019 which was held in California, USA Nikunj Lotia was the only digital creator representing India in that big event.

In previous year he started his new business known as The Feast India Company which provides Maharashtrian food in the streets of San Francisco through food trucks.

Ranveer Allahabadi owner of BeerBiceps Channel, which is  dedicated to fitness and Weight Loss.  It was started many years back by Ranveer who focused only on fitness and used to give tips on weight loss. Now he is a well known person in the field of fitness. He also run podcast in Spotify which is ranked number one in India

He also owns a business named monk-e entertainment which is a digital marketing company through which Many digital marketing campaigns are run.

Dr Vivek Bindra is individual creator with 13.3 million subscribers. Channel  helps the viewer  in building business and with business strategies. He also holds Three Guinness Book of World Records which he gained through YouTube. He also started a startup known as Bada in which he teaches the students with entrepreneurial skills.

He is been also awarded many awards like-

  • Best Corporate Leader Coach in India.
  • Best Leadership Coach of Asia.

Ashish chanchlani owner of Ashish chanchlani Vines channel back in 2014 and now it has gained 19.48 million subscribers. An engineering  graduate chose a career of acting and with the help of his comedy videos is the third most subscribed channel in India and also it is the fastest growing channel in India according to the social plank it charges rupees 30 lacs for promoting any product in his channel.

 He is also awarded as-

  • Best comedian individual in India.
  • The influencer of The Year.

 He is the fourth youtuber to get a Diamond button from YouTube India.

Bhuvan Bam owner of BB ki Vines, this channel was started in back 2015 and now he gained subscriber base of more than 10 million subscribers in a channel, he is the first Indian youtuber to gain 1 million and 10 million subscribers in his channel with the help of his unique comedy and his unique character of fuddi he got success in YouTube. He is also the owner of his own Merchandise which is one of the best selling merch in India. 

He was also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 magazine recently

 He was also awarded as

  • The most viral content creator of India.
  • The best entertainer award.

Prajakta Kholi the owner of MostlySane having a subscriber base of 5.5 million subscribers she is the most successful female content creator in YouTube with a dream of becoming a radio jockey to YouTube really fits for prajakta Kohli as she gained a lot of fame in YouTube

 She recently launched youtube originals with neha kakkar which was a great success also she launched her first short movie named khayali pulao which was also a great success.

She is also associated with many social campaigns like creators need a change.

Gaurav Choudhary owner of Technical Guruji which has a subscriber base of 18 million is the most successful technical niche channel in india. His unique style of presentation and knowledge makes him the pioneer of the niche. According to social plank he charges upto 40lacs for any kind of promotion in his channel. The richness of this Gaurav can be noticed by seeing his car collection which include royal royce porsche audi bmw and recently he bought a mountain for himself..

Ajey Nagar the owner of Carry Minati which has a subscriber base of 25million subscribers, which is the highest number of subscribers by any indian youtuber. He started his channel at a small age of 15 and now he is 21. According to socilplabk he earns around 22.5 lacs from youtube.

He is also the youngest youtuber to gain 10 million subscribers and now he also holds a record of the most viewed, liked video(YouTube vs TikTok, which was later deleted because of some controversy).

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