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We all in our life sometime have came across a word hypnotize or hypnotism, and all of us sometime in our life also wondered that it is real any phenomenon like hypnosis really exists?

Today we are going to talk about the facts, science and history behind hypnotism.

In ancient period  people used to consider hypnotism a black magic or a trick done by shamans and magicians to either loot people or entertain people, but this word or phenomenon came into light when a doctor FRANZ MEZMER, started becoming famous for his treatment style, he used to hypnotize people and treat them by taking to a trans state through hypnotism, he used to treat them in a dim lit room with a little and slow music which makes feel relax and also help them top concentrate in their core problem which make their recovery faster and effective. He named this phenomenon ANIMAL MAGNETISM.

Many scientists rejected this phenomenon but at the same time some of them started taking interest and started researching on it, but no one can change the views of people about the word hypnosis, then came a scientist named JAMES BRETH, he changed the whole phenomena of hypnosis with series of experiments and with his contribution the whole theory of hypnotism was broken explained by two groups of scientist with two theories.

1. The State Theory:-

This theory basically said that the person so hypnotized goes in a different state of consciousness, where he can forget his critical thinking and biasness and focuses on present problem or task making that person effective and efficient.

This theory was also supported by an experiment conducted by ERNEST HILLGARD


In this experiment a group of people where divided into two groups, were one of the group was hypnotized and the other was not, both the groups were commanded to put there right arm in a bucket of chilled water for the highest time they can.

Results: - it was found that the group which was hypnotized was much more effective in performing the task and can keep the hand for longer time.

2. The Non State Theory:-

According to this theory, the person who will be hypnotized knows it from before that he is going to be hypnotized and hence will be forced to conduct some kind of activity, and hence he does it, it all about human psychology working in the phenomena of hypnotism, hence no chances in brain occurs.

This theory was not well supported but with the next experiment it will finally be rejected-

Professor of Columbia university, DR. AMIR RAZZ conducted a experiment to support or rather to proof the 1st theory


In this experiment a group people were selected and divided into further 2 groups, one hypnotized, other not hypnotized, and all were conducted that they will be shown some letter on the screen which will be hazy, but in reality it was crystal clear.

Result: - The experiment gave some astonishing results as the group though hypnotize were much more effective in guessing the letter compared to that of the group not hypnotized, to specifically finding out the reason Dr Raaz conducted a MRI scan on the same time and it was found that the part of brain which recognizes the word wasn’t effected at all which proofed that hypnotism can control brain functioning of the person and hence proofing the 1st theory correct.

This whole effect is known as STROOP EFFECT, where habitual patterns and preconceive notions effects your present situation and you act in present as you have acted in past or what you have learned from past experience you use it in your present.

Golden word:- Reality is Perspective not Objective.

Human beings are associated with their brain so much that all their activities are conducted by the nerves of the brain. This process is known as TOP TO DOWN PROCESS.

To understand it better one experiment was conducted-


A group of people were giving two glasses of wine, in which they were said that one was of low price and the other was of higher price, but in reality both were same

Result;- as expected all of them voted for the costlier one but as we know both were same so it shows that we all work according to what we have been said.

The experiment was little more extended and again the group was divided into 2 parts one hypnotized and the other not, so the group so hypnotized voted for both as them understood that both were same.

Hypnotism is nothing but a way to stop your top down process.

This same process is used in the treatment of addicts, where they are given a series of hypnosis shocks which make them feel that life is beautiful without addictions and hence they get treated.

But till now we have been talking about CLINICAL HYPNOSIS, but what about STAGE HYPNOSIS.

So let have a mild discussion about stage hypnosis.

We all have sometimes seen magic shows in which we have a show of hypnotism, is it real, or we can find many videos in YouTube were a person is hypnotizing many people just by touching them, is it possible?

Practically it is not possible but a lot money of different investor are at stake in such shows, so it is the responsibility of the conductor that they engage a lot people so that the investor can earn so this is it mass hypnotism is all fixed and the audience those are selected are also fixed which makes this shows successful.

In fact a hypnotist once said after the show that all hypnosis is FAKE.

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