Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneur | How to Convert your Employees to a Rising Intrapreneur.

Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneur.

Entrepreneur is a person who has a idea of a business, have investment, have roadmap, knows how to start its idea and finally executes the idea in the way of running the business.

Entrepreneur in short is the spark of a business, which give it birth.

Intrapreneur is a person or rather best to say a employee of an organisation who acts as a entrepreneur of that organisation, but not a entrepreneur of that organisation.

Complicated? Lets simplify.

Entrepreneur is one who starts a business but a Intrepreneur is one who executes the business, means who runs the business as if he owns the business, he works as if he is the only owner of the business.

Intrapreneur is a care that a mom do to its son.

But why an employee would think like this?

Without a Intrepreneur no organisation can be sucessful organisation, or can become a big organisation.Google, we know it is so big and all the other models of google like gmail, maps, android is a product of Intrepreneural instinct. But now how to convert emoloyees to Intrepreneur of your organisation.

There are few steps to be followed:-

  1. Enabled them:- You need to first show trust on them motivate them and insist them to work hard as if they are the owners of the organisation and not you. You have create a ecosystem where you have to be familiar with the workers.

  2. Scoring them:- Not all employees of the organisation will become Intrapreneur, you have to find them, by channelising them according to their departments, channelise them in groups, and give them casestudies to solve, conduct problem solving session, traing and development session, all this will enable you to find the best groups of employees.

  3. Allow failures and mistakes:- Support your staff, when they conduct mistakes help them in solving them it will create a culture of thinking in the ecosystem so created and enable all the employees to think, recreate, and learn from mistakes.

  4. Growth Path:- Motivate your employees by deciding their growthpaths like how they will be promote to deputy, assistant, vice managers and so on, this will give them a hope for better future and they then will do better to get better.

  5. Incentives plan- ESOPs:- ESOPs is the best way to motivate and incentivise your employees, Make them shareholder of your company, give them a small percent of share and then see they will work like owner. It is a spark needed for good Intrapreneur to jsut start their journey.

  6. Create Goals and Personal Mentoring:- Create goals for your employees and help them one to one to achieve that goals, become their mentor and help them, you will then think and they will then do.

  7. Customer Centricity :- Go closer to your customers, customer will provide with corrections, suggestion and ideas, when ideas are provided your Intrapreneur will work on it amd organisation will strive for it.

  8. Reward the Good Immediately:- Good activities or profitable activities must be rewarded and rewarded immediately, this will again motivate yor employee to work hard and convert them into striving Intrapreneurer.

  9. Share Financial Success:- Share finanacial sucess with your employees incnetives there new idea new thoughts new deed which ultimately brought growth in customer statisfaction, revune or reduction in cost, this will make them feel familair and hence motivate them for more work.

  10. Make them PL Head or BU head:-  Make your employees their PL head, which means make them responsible for thier own department and of they earn more they gain more, like situation which motivate them to work better and be a oppurtunity scanner which will help them to become producers and thus will increase your productivity.

More Incentives Scheme:-

  • Gift cards
  • Premium dining coupons
  • Travel holidays
  • Recognisition, awards, certificates
  • Bonus
  • Promotions

There is a big difference in these two terms but without each other no organisation can run. If entrepreneur stops working, organisation get dissolved but wereas if intrapreneur stops working then the organisation cannot works efficiently.

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