Studies to Suicide? | Today's Generation Is In Safe Hands?


What today's generation is doing, simply committing suicide if not performed well in examination or career path, is it the problem of the generation or it is the system which main culprit?

A big question which must render the mind of many intellectuals but everyone is only worried about there PR and about the victim.

So let us discuss-

The problem is not only in the generation or the education system it all mix match of both. Today's generation is weaker in the area of mental stability and coming to system its becoming more degree oriented that knowledge oriented.

This problem of being degree oriented instead of knowledge oriented is a very old problem but no one cares. Yes chances are coming in the system but that is too slow.

But in recent years the case of suicide has increase considerably specially suicide cases for the teenager are in headlines, but only some cases are registered as they are occurring in big cities.

Reason for this from the persception of the Individual:-

  1. Parents:- Today peer pressure by parents is the biggest problem faced by students as the Taboo of comparison with the neighbor child has almost become common in every family. This tends the child to be in pressure to perform well and this sometimes sends the child in a depression state.

  2. Future Orientation:- Today's generation is more future oriented than present oriented which has resulted in decline in the happiness index of the younger generation of many country.

Reason of this from Systems point of view:-

  1. Degree Orientation:- Today's system has more or less converted it self in to degree oriented system. You have lots of degree with no knowledge or lesser experience you are getting a job but when it come to someone with lesser degree but a higher experience level they suffer in getting jobs.

  2. High level of Competition:- Due to large numbers of appear er and less number of passing percentage creates a huge competition and this tends to depression state for the individual.

Reason for this from the Parents point of view:-

  1. Expectation:- parents usually expects a lot instead of expecting according to the capabilities they expect a lot and start comparing as stated above.

  2. Forcing to choose a Career Option:- usually parents decides for their what should they opt as a career which is slowly changing but this impacts the most as the child may not have any interest in that particular field and only for their parents they are opting for it. This tend to reduce interest and productivity of the child.

After having a brief Analysis on the Reason for Suicide due to Studies We all are confused who is the main Culprit?

The answer to the above question is very simple its everyone, from parents to society from individual to system, each and everyone involved is culprit. Everyone has committed a crime which has impacted the individual and at last he commits a crime- The Crime Of Doing Suicide.

How can we stop it?

There can be many ways to stop this, but it takes time to create a revolution but some short steps must be taken to eradicated the pressure and the problem of suicide attempts.

Steps that can be taken:-

  1. Find out ones Interest:- Its the responsibility of parents to find out their child's strength and interest and support them by motivating them to choose that as their career option.

  2. System Improvement:- system need to be converted into knowledge oriented instead of degree orientation, this can only be done if big institution and business platform come forward and take bright steps in eradicating this problem.

  3. Expectation By parents :- there is no problem in having expectation from children, but there's a limit to it too, and parents should understand this and instead of forcing there children they should motivate them.

  4. Present Oriented Thinking:- Children should be taught to make there present good instead of thinking about future and making present a hell. Yes thinking about future is also important but not as important as living a quality life.

There is a Saying in Hindi and Every One should follow it:-

Karam Karte Jao Phal Ki Chinta Nah Karo.

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