Masks Gloves PPE's | Today's necessity | Are they safe Or a threat?

Masks Gloves PPE's | Today's necessity | Are they safe Or a threat? 

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Do you know that the face masks, gloves and PPE kits that are saving our lives can also take thousands of lives? 

Now, you must be thinking how masks, gloves and PPE's could take lives? Is it going to affect us? 

As we all know that the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic caused a sudden rise in the demand for masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and PPE kits across the world. The current need of the hour requires use of these things in order to protect oneself from being affected from Covid-19. However, this has lead to emergence of a new threat to our planet affecting its human, animal and marine life. 

How it's a threat? 

We could see used masks, gloves and PPE's lying on the streets and not being disposed properly. This possess a threat as these may be consumed by stray animals like cattles, dogs, etc. which could choke them or could affect them. Moreover, children living on streets or in slums who are unaware of the harmful effects of such used articles might use such things for playing or any other purpose which could affect their health. Most of the masks are made from synthetic resin which are used for making plastic and when we are using it once and throwing it, it is increasing the land fills. But the bigger problem is that, this coronavirus waste has reached the oceans. According to some estimates, globally we are using 130 billion face masks . And the problem is that in the ocean, these breaks into smaller pieces which is called micro plastic. Micro plastics are so small that it can't be seen by naked eyes. And this micro plastic is consumed by fishes and due to which thousands of marine life is already suffered, and this is increasing day by day.  Laurent Lombard from French clean-up charity operation said "There risks being more masks than jellyfish". And not only the jellyfish but around 600 species are under threat. Because of this micro plastic pollution and this pandemic the waste estimate of year 2030 might reach in 2020. And that's alarming. 

So what can we do? 

  • 1) Create awareness among public related to this issue. 
  • 2) Introduce proper disposal techniques for disposal. 
  • 3) Follow 2R's i.e. recycle and reuse masks and gloves. Use cotton masks as they are reusable and washable hand gloves.

Written By- MISH...
                       Kolkata, India.
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