27 Facts of India that will make you feel proud being a Indian.

1.Supply of Hydroxychloroquine:-

  As we all know it is the medicine which slows down the affect of covid and helps in fast recovery of paitents, India is the largest producer and exporter of this medicine, 70% of the total production is done by India.

2.PPE kits :- 

Personal Protection Equipments specially needed by covid doctors to protect themselves from covid disease, India is the largest manufacturer and exporter of this Ppe kits. Currently India is manufacturing 4.5 lacs of PPe kits.

3.Companies coming to India:-

 Due to covid many countries have boycotted china and withdrawan there trade policies with china leading to shifting of manufacturing unit from china to India. Infact 30 of the companjes has signed a trade policy with india.

4.Production of sanitizer from flower:-

India is the only country in the world manufacturing hand sanitizers from the flower called mahua. It is used by tribal people to produce alcoholic drinks. Samrath Jain agriculturist applied for the license with the govt for the production when there was huge shortage of sanitizers and hence make a record at current moment it is been only supplied to police officer but with time it will also be availaible for general public.

5.Postal network:-

India's postal network is the world largest and spreadest network of the world. According to the latest data india have 1,54,868 branches of postal offices, serving people with full of integrity.

6.Train network:-

It is the 2nd largest Rail network of the world. It comprise of 1,15,000km of track which follows a route of 65,800km, caryying 8,400 billion passengers with 77,112 railway station. Go back and have a read again to the figure, its huge.

7.Varanasi City:-

City of Varanasi, popularly known as Benaras it the world oldest civilised city, built 5000 year ago. According to hindu mythology it was build by Lord shiva. Also it holds a record of largest gathering in a year in a city. It is non other than the Ganga Arti.

8.Nalanda University:-

It was the first university of the world in the era of Ad's and Bc's. Many students from foreign used to come here and gain knowledge from various gurus, one of them was Maharishi Chaanakya. It was after burnt by Mughal's leading to huge intellectual property loss.


India has the largest number of mosque in the world which accounts to 3,00,000, and the mosque of Delhi, The Jama Majid is so big that at the same time 25000 people can do offerings.

10.Gothwana Island:-

India  5crore year ago was a island named gothwana, it struck asia which resulted in the formation of Mt.Everest and Himalayan ranges

11.The lunar lake:-

 The lunar lake is a lake which was formed due to the strike of a metoried 52 lacs year ago. It is now a place of attraction for many foreign tourist.

12.Anti gravity hill:-

The only anti gravity hill is located in india where if you put a car in neutral mode it will slide down against the slope on its known.

13.Creator of many things:-

India is known for its inventions and discoveries some of them were very interesting like shirts button, diamond mining, snake and ladder game, chess, all this were inventened in india and now world wide used.

14.Floating postoffice:-

India is the only country which have a floating post office which is situated in Srinagar's Dal Lake. It works like normal post offices also consisting of a stamp museum with it.


It is the place having a world record of the higgest rain of the world, the city is located in the state of Meghalaya which normally notice a 11,873 milimeter of rain every year.

16.Cows have rights:-

India is the only country in the world where with human, cows are also provided with rights. Slaughtering and selling of cow are prohibited in india

17.Voting rights:-

India is the only country where the voting rights are taken so seriously and the minimum age for qualifying for voting is also the lowest in india compared to the whole world.

 18.Dharamsala cricket stadium:-

We indians are very fond of cricket and thus we should have some record , thus Dharamsala cricket stadium is situated in the highest altitude compared to other stadiums of the world.

19.English speaking population:-

India is the 2nd largest english speaking population of the world just behind America and in near future we will hopefully surpass them too.

20.Milk producer:-

India is in the first position when it come to milk production. Previous year india produced 155 billion tonnes of milk. Yah its very huge number.


Kabaddi was originated in india and india holds a record for winning 5 world cups by indian mens and a non defeated india women kabaddi team.

22.Railway bridge:-

Jammu and kashmir's chennab railway bridge is the situated in the highest altitude which is 35 meters above IFFEL TOWER of Paris.

23.Golden temple :-

Golden temple situated in Punjab holds the record of highest number of people visiting to it. Which comes upto 1 lac people daily.


It is the only state of india and only place in the world which is 100% organic. Which means any agriculture produce in sikkim is fertilizer free.


It is the worlds oldest brand from ayurvedic times to now. We all have heard once in our life about chawanprash.

26.Jeevan Rekha Express:-

It is the only mobile train of the world which can handle a paitent of cancer and Aids in the train.


India is the largest democracy with 125 cr of polpulation and still now its running perfectly wereas our neighbour China is slowly moving to a situation of dictatorship.

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