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Welcome to the movie review of CHAMAN BAHAR

The plot of the story is a simple love story with some twist. The movie is already available in OTT platform Netflix. It is a family movie, just contains some coarse language which we use in our normal life.

The story starts with Billu who is the owner of pan gumti, dreams of being a big personality, Chaman Bahar got its tittle from the shop itself. The shop is situated in outskirts of the city due to which there is a shortage of CHAMAN BAHAR in the face of Billu. The twist arrives when a A class oficeir gets transfer in the city, and it is situated near to the shop, which bring a different taste to the movie all because of a girl RINKU NARORIA, who brings good luck to billu.
Due to Rinku madam billu shops start flourishing with customer as they come there to see RINKU, but Billu itself slowly slowly fall in love with Rinku and batters the shop.

The movie is simple but it is its simplicity which connects the audience with the story line and forces to you to see it further. The movie is not too long only 2 perfect hours of entertainment.

The climax is not be revealed here go and watch it for the Climax, but yaha its interesting and realistic, you are going to enjoy it.

The movie cast one and all JITU BHAIYA (JITENDRA KUMAR), who's acting is just top notch and gives a real feel to the movie, also Alam Khan has really done well as Netaji in the movie making it a bit funny, But yaha the lead character (sapno ki rani) Rinku madam dosen't speak a single world which make the viewers sad.

According to me CHAMAN BAHAR deserves 3.5 stars out of 5 
 Coming to Positives :-
  • 1 star for simplistic plot
  • 1 star for jitu bhaiya's acting
  • 1 star for sensible dialogues
  • .5 star for Shakespeare flavor(need to watch it to find it)

Comming to Negatives :-
  • 1 star for no dialogues to Rinku
  • .5 star for weak screenplay

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